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Let It Be Known!

Superlative Recondite has come up with coercive new material that is sure to tickle your ear! It has been posted in the Reverbnation page of SR’s network. The new tracks and material are developed to be diverse in their sounds and highlight the compliments within them influenced by great modern and electronic artists such as Skrillex and Daft Punk. The newest addition to the Superlative Recondite page is the short yet powerful track “Wayward“. The track is a immense sound escape that is highly inspired by the feeling of average people that are falsely accused by others of being lost in life and having no real direction.

Don’t forget to make use of the free downloadable tracks for additional flavor to your party or working playlists! SR also takes monstrous pride in supporting Fender Music Foundation by making available some of it’s select tracks for sale to help the cause. Most of the proceeds will go directly to providing a educational program focused on teaching people around the world the basics of musical development.





Superlative Recondite has released more beats and trance flavored downloads for electronic music lovers! Check out the newest additions to the list of music at the reverbnation page! The new singles are “Solarflare” a catchy trance induced dance groove..and “Lobreux” a experimental travel through a euro inspired airwave! Check them out now and don’t forget the free downloads!

Grabbing Great Ground…

Seems that on the reverbnation page of superlative recondite, it has attained 3rd place in the regional rankings for Experimental music. That is not bad given SR has less than 100 fans on the site right at the moment. Hopefully it will continue to monstrously grow and give people the trance and hypnotic sounds that we love.

Another great thing is stay tuned in for more upcoming music. Eventually SR will have it’s voice and musically inclined guests of honor that will add their flavor of airwaves to the mixes. A lot is being planned and worked into a reality with Superlative Recondite. We are going to shape the way things are going with sounds. (At the very least in SR’s genres.) Don’t forget that we have for a limited time (2 months, 2 years…SR does not know…but it’s limited.) you can get an absolutely free download of most of SR’s work at the Reverbnation music page! Take advantage of it. Use it. Put it on that wonderful playlist that you have been compiling for that killer party!


Free Downloads for a Limited Time!!!


Drop in and grab you a free download or two! Superlative Recondite is giving away for a limited time single trance releases “Mother Dear”, “Drainer Mix” & The special fan exclusive “Enlightenment”! Get on over to the page and grab you some free sounds!!

Welcome To SR’s Blogspace




This is the official first post of Superlative Recondite.

You obviously have taste for quality sounds.

You surely love the mystery attached to the art.

You most definitely like trance airwaves that tickle your mind.

Great, because you have no idea what you have done.

Stay tuned in for more updates and free downloads.

One of the few times anything will be free in our lives…

A pleasure to have you drop in.